Creativ, founded in 1994, in these twenty years – activity has worked with almost all the Italian dioceses, more than 200 religious orders and congregations, many associations and lay groups, meeting the Italian Catholic world in a broad and comprehensive manner.

Since the beginning it brought together a remarkable group of professionists from training, educational, psychological, animation and entertainment field, with the intention of giving life to a new and original reality able to respond to several needs, questions , problems, desires of the people, helping them to turn the mind to use to the full the potential, skills and talents that each one has.

Since the very beginning the attention and resources were directed at each context in which people interact, with the aim of developing the trainability, plasticity and mental agility to deal with the complexity of the world and its ever-changing motion in a creative and innovative way, reducing anxiety, frustration, resistance, rigidity, routine, while remaining open to new solutions and perspectives, ready to challenge and not to suffer the reality.

The development CREAtiv into a complex and a rich network of services and trademarks resulted in the interception of several targets and different needs, being able to deal more effectively with every area and making available the abilities gained in different and not always related fields.

In these years of activity, with more than 200 employees and collaborators, CREAtiv met tens of thousands of people in Italy and Europe, proposing enthusiastically learning experiences that involve the whole person, combining theory and practice, trying to stir up research, curiosity, wonder, to turn on the mental dynamics, emotional and cognitive and all intelligences and creativity to live unique , attractive, tailored experiences.

Creativ works internationally in the world of creativity and innovation and has developed considerable business experience within the Catholic world.




The CLM (Creative Larning Method) bases on the idea that creativity should inform every action, evaluation and decision and should not be only seen in connection with aspects such as that of novelty and artistic expression. Creativity should be deemed an “all-round” tool capable of orienting people’s choices, behaviours and interpersonal relations at best. It is thanks to creativity that one can solve problems, prevent difficulties from turning into insurmountable obstacles and “read” and interpret surrounding reality correctly.
Creativity should be central in any learning and teaching process. We would also underline that creativity belongs to everybody and can be “learnt”. We all are born creative and endowed with a vivid imagination which however is undermined by habits, routines and behavioural patterns with the passing of time. Nevertheless it is possible to re-learn creativity with a diligent practice and motivations combined with proper strategies. Indeed, good ideas come up when we want them to.

The CLM suggests sequences which can be useful to the development of educative creativity with the specific goals to: facilitate learning, develop awareness and trust in one’s creative potential, facilitate meaningful changes in the learner, support the flourishing of people’s cognitive, relational and practical potential, let people learn how to learn, support people in the process of self-appropriation of contents and behaviours, strengthen people’s social attitudes and stimulate consciousness mechanisms.




Creativementi is a cultural project that aims to bring together in a network, through meaningful experiences of training and update, people and realities willing to engage on issues related to creativity in the field of methodologies, teaching, pastoral of education and training.