True change begins first and foremost with us and is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. People interiorly changed by the Spirit also contribute to social change. Change is then required of our structures: it is preferable to be flexible in order to better respond to concrete needs, than to protect structures and remain cast in plaster. New needs and new forms of poverty require new solutions.

Pope Francis, November 27th 2015


7 sessions, 4 talks per session



FORMAT: International researchers will share interactively with participants  their research, to update them on major pastoral areas of innovation.

The presentations of the researchers during the Festival will be divided by areas and made in parallel (4 simultaneously), with the possibility of interaction and a concluding discussion for each session.

GOAL: Create spaces dedicated to research areas allows participants to interact with researchers in groups and in a more informal setting than a conference; thus the collection of feedback on research is ensured.

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DURATION: 45’/presentation