You said a word that I really like. It is a divine word. If it is human it is because it is a gift of God: creativity. It is the commandment God gave to Adam, “Go and multiply. Be creative”. It is also the commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples, through the Holy Spirit

Address of Pope Francis; Caserta, 26 July 2014


Creativity pervades every field of human activity: so we would like to bring together ecclesial communities, researchers, lay associations and business realities to share researches and studies, to discuss and identify new routes for team working, for all those working in the Church, to listen to the people, in synodal assembly, with the aim to inspire and create the future, valuing the good in everyone and putting always first listening and attention to the poors.


Through research, exchange, comparison, we will try to build a coherent system of thought arising from good practice and inspiring our lives; a thought constantly evolving, inspired, creative and creator, obedient to the Gospel and loyal to the signs of the time that the Holy Spirit will show us, in the perspective of co-inspiration, co-responsibility and co-creation of new visions of the Church and new practices to generate future.

To achieve this, we want to develop an ongoing research that is creative and open to contamination with the diversity of languages, thoughts and actions of our time.