Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Kenya, Spain are among the countries of origin of the researchers who will present at the Festival the fruit of their scientific work. By their actions and by comparing the same researchers will arise impulses, case studies, insights that will enable participants to imagine and create new routes. The objective of this meeting will be to investigate the signs of the future in the present to discern common roads beyond our blind spots dictated by experience and current cultural and scientific paradigms.



The main focus around which revolve the researchers’ work will be as follows:


Diocese strategic planning


Title: Why research? How social research helps to reignite creativity and generate new pastoral paths

Researcher: Bob Dixon | Researcher | Pastoral Research Office of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference | Australia


Title: The creativity of implementation

Researcher: Rosel Oehmen-Vieregge | Professor | Ruhr-University of Bochum | Germany


Title: Pastoral planning and evaluation – an intercultural learning experiment

Researcher: Linda Duerrich | Specializing student | Ruhr-University of Bochum | Germany

Title: Market theology in German churches: an example of a free church in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Researcher: Lucas Wehner | Consultant for International Higher Education | Heilderberg Institute | Germany



Parish administration


Title: New wineskins for new wine: parish reconfiguration strategies and implications for pastoral ministry staff

Researcher: Mary Gautier | Researcher | Applied research center on the apostolate


Title: Urgent need to educate for pastoral inquisitiveness and flexibility

Researcher: Rev. Stephen Fichter | Parish Priest | Applied research center on the apostolate and Priest, Parish of the Sacred Heart of Haworth | New Jersey


Title:Consultants as catalysts for collaboration? External resourcing and internal dynamics in parishes of the INSPIRE Project Within the Archdiocese of Chicago

Researcher: Bryan Froehle | Professor | St. Thomas University | Florida


Title: What do you mean, co-responsibilty

Researcher: Marti R. Jewell | Professor | Neuhoff Ministerial School, University of Dallas | Texas


Title: Parish pastoral leadership and management: embracing the paradox of fostering unity while nurturing diversity

Researcher: Mark Mogilka | Diocese Administration | Diocese of Green Bay | Wisconsin

Title: New wine in new wineskins: reconfiguration of parishes strategies and implications for the team of the Pastoral Ministers

Researcher: Thomas Suermann de Nocker | Professor | University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Essen | Germany

Management methods

Title: Encountering new paradigms for pragmatic church management towards twenty years

Researcher: David Hellington Kodia | College Administrator | Bishop Okullu College of Asembo | Kenya

Title: A new benchmarking system for the church

Researchers: Bernd Halfar | Professor | Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt | Germany

Pastoral training

Title: My church or our Church: forming clergy for pastoral administration 

Researcher: Rev. Brian Lucas | National director | Australian Catholic Mission | Australia




Title: A pilot project for an innovation system of Fundraising: from economic affairs to solidarity

Researcher: Juan Luis Martinez | Director of development | Diocese of Cordoba | Spain


Title: The Church and the trust of the faithful: the 8XMILLE and its prospects.

Researcher: Paolo Cortellessa | Center for study and research – Sovvenire CEI Rome | Italy