God is creative, he is not closed, and so he is never inflexible. God is not rigid! He welcomes us; he meets us; he understands us. To be faithful, to be creative; we need to be able to change. To change! And why must I change? So that I can adapt to the situations in which I must proclaim the Gospel. To stay close to God, we need to know how to set out, we must not be afraid to set out.

Pope Francis, September 27th 2013


3 sessions: Friday 2pm, 6.30pm – Saturday 2pm



FORMAT: The participants of the Festival can ask before the Festival to present their original idea, thinking, project on designated areas of interest by sending an abstract of their contribution.
If accepted by the organization, they will explain it by one of the following way:

  • Talk: 15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes debate

  • Pecha kucha: 20×20, 20 images and 20 seconds to comment each picture, one tot: 6 minutes and 40 seconds

GOALS: These talks are included in specific moments of the program and carried out in parallel divided by areas. This will allow to create, within the Festival and later, a community of reflection and research, to experience a widespread creativity that can be disseminated.

DURATION: 10’ to 20’

To sign up and submit the candidature, fill out the form: