Our Trinitarian God teaches us, in His presence and message, that we need diversity to create dialogue and relationship, but also that all diversities are brought together in COMMUNION thanks to the LOVE taught by Christ. To live this teaching, Christian communities must work in the present, announcing, celebrating and witnessing the Gospel of the Kingdom, drawing on Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium and facing the challenges which, from time to time, the social, cultural and ecclesial situations present. Because it is closely anchored to the history, the pastoral must develop changing and always innovative paths, never closed in fixed, universally valid patterns.


It’s important to investigate the signs of the future in the present, to discern common roads beyond our blind spots dictated by experience and current cultural and scientific paradigms, for a true creative novelty, unique and necessary at all.
Every project must always be developed in a CREATIVE and INTEGRATED way, to be dissatisfied with routine, to prevent the decline of the personal motivations of pastoral workers, to have eyes and ears to see and hear the signs of the times and the changes in the history and then to know how to be PROPHETIC.