Villanova University & PUL: a cooperation for an ingreasing international training




The project of the International School of Pastoral Mangement is held in cooperation with Villanova University, the largest and oldest Catholic University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1842 by the Order of St. Augustine.
Each edition of the Course, in fact, offers to the students the opportunity to spend a one-week Summer School at Villanova University, in contact with the significant experience of the Church in Pennsilvanya and in the Diocese of New York.
In addition, some American teachers of the Master in Church Management of Villanova University are part of the board of the International School of Pastoral Management.
This collaboration allows students of the course to acquire professional skills developed by the University Center of Church Management and Business Ethics (CCMBE) of Villanova.



Visit ChurchMangement.Villanova.Edu

Villanova’s Center for Church Management and Business Ethics performs research, conducts both for-credit and non-credit programs in Church management and coordinates all business ethics activities within the Villanova School of Business.

The center offers a Master’s of Science in Church Management, as well as several non-credit programs in Church management every year. By collaborations with Our Sunday Visitor as well as seminaries in dioceses throughout the country, the center works to help the Church leaders be good stewards of their resources, use effectively their facilities and build a stronger Church.